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Why Us


Executives spend 2 to 5 hours reading emails, documents, contracts, WA etc. This would depend on the sector & level too.


Both, Internal & External meetings could take up from 2 to 6 hours daily.

Core Functions

Decision Making, Problem Solving, Planning, Organising, Creative thinking, RnD, LnD, etc… take up the balance of the working hours!

Information Overload:

Information coming our way is increasing exponentially. If we still keep reading at the speeds that we are presently, how would we cope up?

Status Updates:

The bane of most executives - they wonder why they are even attending them.

Most meetings end with a decision to meet again - to resolve the matters discussed later..

Paid for:

With the advent of AI etc. the only way one could justify their place in the organisation is if they use something superior to AI - ie. Their BRAIN..

Determine Reading Speeds:

Would you like to find out what speeds you read at presently?

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Expected Outcomes:

A high pressure environment as seen in most meeting rooms is least conducive to generation of creative ideas - the reason why some meetings are called!

Completely anti effective Brain usage!

Brain Skills:

The operational complexity is increasing exponentially. What worked earlier would not suffice in the future.

Executives need to acquire newer ‘Brain Skills’ to survive.

Functionally Literate:

As per UN standards, to be called ‘Functionally Literate’ - one should be reading at least 400 words per minute!


One of the top 5 skills desired for the future…A Learnable skill, unfortunately not taught anywhere!

Mind Maps:

The simplest, yet most powerful way to feed YOUR information to YOUR Brain - in a ‘Brain-friendly’ way..

About Us

About Buzan Pune Centre, Pune

We are the ONLY Buzan Centre in India.

We are THE FIRST INDIANS to be Licensed to train others in Mind Maps, Speed Reading, Memory etc. by the Tony Buzan organisation...


We are THE ONLY Centre in India of Tony Buzan’s organisation..

Jas Johari - is the FIRST & ONLY INDIAN to be crowned as the ‘WORLD SPEED READING CHAMPION’..

Our Clients

Mind Maps are in use since over 50 years, across the globe..

Bigger Plate User


The Buzan Centre Pune, India has designed various modules over the last almost 18 years..

The most popular ones being:

Mind Maps:

Learn HOW to feed information to the Brain -
so that it works better

Speed Reading:

Learn how to DOUBLE your reading speeds WITH Comprehension


Recall facts & figures, Names & Faces

Mind Map Applications:

In Real Work-related situations to improve Decision Making, Planning, Problem Solving, Strategic Thinking etc.


Increase ‘idea generation’


Identify inherent Intelligences & implement ‘hacks’ to improve them.

Call to Action

Efficiency, Productivity are functions of TIME.

Mental Wellbeing is dependent on the availability of SPARE TIME



World Speed Reading Champion

The FIRST INDIAN to get the License to train others in Mind Maps, Speed Reading, Memory

Maneesh Johari


CEO of the ONLY Buzan Centre in India


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Maneesh Johari


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